There are Blue Ants and there are Red Ants…

A Blue Ant is a worker who has the interests of the company first and foremost in their hearts and minds. These individuals look at problems creatively, take initiative to solve issues, add value through their attitude and work ethic, and will do whatever it takes to get the work done right. They look to be effective and efficient. They are grateful for their opportunities. Additionally, they recognize the good intentions and good work of others, and put a positive construction on their actions. They treat coworkers, clients, vendors and other tradespeople with respect. These are the employees we want to duplicate.

A Red Ant is a worker that never seems to be satisfied. They are there simply for the job, and don’t recognize the opportunity to add value and be an asset. They suspect and question the motives and actions of others, even calling Blue Ants “brown nosers”. They don’t seem happy, and rarely have a kind word for their coworkers, or the company. There is usually something wrong, and it is always someone else’s fault.

You can rarely, if ever, change a Red Ant to a Blue Ant. On a bad day, a Blue Ant may act “purple”, but that would be temporary. However, you can turn a Blue Ant red by not acknowledging their value and rewarding it appropriately.