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Environmental Stewardship Award

This past April, Lippert Tile Company of Menomonee Falls, WI was presented with the annual Starnet® Worldwide’s 2016 Flooring Contractor Sustainability Award. Annually, the Starnet Environmental Issues Committee challenges the Starnet Membership to adopt best sustainability practices to help protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. Each year Starnet awards members whose exemplify this environmental conscious spirit through the Starnet Environmental Stewardship Award.
Carlton Billingsley of Floors & More of Benton, Arkansas who is Chairman of the Starnet Environmental Issues Committee commented on the winner. “Our Judges were impressed with Lippert Tile Company’s total commitment to their very comprehensive Environmental initiatives program at work, in the homes of their associates and helping their clients with their own environmental goals. Their focus on educating local business organizations on eco-friendly flooring products and specifying flooring products that meet LEED, NSF 1-40 and other green building certifications is exemplary.” He added, “Company-wide initiatives to recycle all onsite/in-house business waste on a consistent basis plus the employee engagement in an annual clean-up of local Streams & Parks combined with Lippert’s collective diversion of over 1 Million pounds of post-consumer carpet from landfill is very impressive."